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For our honeymoon we wanted it to do something special. To go out from our comfortable zone and something we had never done before. Together we sat and looked at the places where we would like to go. Our thoughts change a lot of times till we stopped at one place. It was a trip to Thailand! It was so exciting I still can remember that day like it was yesterday! So our first step to plan this trip it was to find a perfect hotel. After a long time of searching, we finally found the amazing hotel – Avita Hideaway Phuket.  The hotel itself was absolutely beautiful. The people who working in this hotel are so nice. They will bring the smile to your face every day. What I liked the most is every single evening a lady will knock on our doors to bring fresh baked cookies for the evening tea. I would totally recommend staying at this hotel. They made our stay much more special.

Guys stay tuned for more posts from Thailand! ;oo

Love B! x




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