It is so sad that I don’t have more than four photos of this photoshoot. ;/ But still in these four photos, I want to show you this beautiful outfit. I couldn’t imagine better clothing item which would look great together with Zara blouse.  I definitely though that I sold it or bin this skirt. It is 3 years old but I still can fit in it.;D Let’s talk about this blouse from Zara. Everybody was so surprised about the price of this blouse. Bodysuit with long sleeves, frilled cuffs and high neck it cost just 18 pounds. I cannot believe how fancy it looks! Now when I am writing this blog post I though for a second OMG just one week left till Christmas. I need to come back to the shopping mall to buy more Christmas presents and of course to try to find my festive outfit. So guys are you waiting for Christmas? What do you think will this blouse look great at Christmas eve dinner?

Blouse – Zara

Skirt – Forever 21

Jewelry – H&M


Love B!

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